Our Story

Madeleine and I spent much of our childhood on the York River in York Harbor, Maine. Sailing and fishing in the summer, then duck shooting and skiing in the fall and winter gave us a deep appreciation for Maine and its own unique and functional style. This style - set in the context of the good times coupled with important lessons learned on boats and in duck blinds drove us to start York River Traders in 2012.

York River Traders is inspired by, created in, and designed for that twin Yankee sensibility embodied by those who can tie a bowline as well as they can a bow tie.  We capture that contrast, creating products that marry form with function.  We follow three core principles in developing our products: each must be stylish yet timeless, elegant yet down to earth and original yet familiar. 

Stylish yet timeless: From black tie to duck boots, some accessories can be made so well that they never go out of style.  They evoke an enduring heritage.  We aim to deliver products that speak to a chic sensibility that will always be relevant and cherished. 

Elegant yet down to earth: We deliver sophisticated, high-quality goods, without the pomp and circumstance.  We are for those customers who simply want a great product, and they want that great product made well.   

Original yet familiar. Great products should also have a certain unexpected quality, yet at the same time connect you with a feeling akin to coming home.  We hope you’ll find this balance represented in each and every one of our products. 

 We hope that you make us a part of your story.