Sailor's Nautical Signal Flag Cufflinks (& Tuxedo Studs)

Please indicate the 2 desired letters/signal flags for your cufflinks in the box below
If you're ordering studs as well please indicate the 4 desired letters for the studs -- Ex "Cufflinks: A,F and Studs: E,G,Z,K"

Create your custom set of cufflinks from the full maritime alphabet! Great for initials or any other combination.

The flags are fit into YRT's classic round cufflink making for a fresh and understated twist to this classic sportsman's staple. Red and green (port and starboard) running lights accent the inside of the cufflink adding an additional element to each piece and making them super easy to put on. 

Perfect for sailors!  

Each set is mounted on YRT's gold plated, double-sided cufflink and comes in our handmade cedar gift box.

Made in the USA

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