February 18, 2014

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New write up on Urban Daddy

Great write up for us on Urbandaddy.com. Click here to check it out!




January 29, 2014


November 27, 2013


Review of the our belts by Muffy Aldrich at The Daily Prep

We are very excited to announce that our belts have earned a spot on The Daily Prep's Christmas List. Check out the posting at the link below. In addition to the Christmas List Muffy has a ton of great posts that will be of interest to any fans of the New England coastal lifestyle. Let us know what you think of the post and The Daily Prep in general.


Click here and scroll down to check out the post.


June 04, 2013


March 21, 2013


Nautical Chart Cufflinks

We are very excited about these! Hopefully they should out before summer starts.

March 13, 2013


Pheasant Feather Cufflinks

We are very excited by the prospect of adding these pheasant feather cufflinks to our line in the next few months.





December 09, 2012


Shooting Brave Boat Harbor (York, ME) and sea ducking

Some buddies and I shot the Rachel Carson preserve in Brave Boat Harbor last Saturday. I got one Bufflehead, but the others got skunked. This is pretty embarrassing given that we each had about 15 shots in the 4 hours we spent there. Pathetic!

From there we moved out to the ocean and dropped the anchor in front of Stones Rock Big fat zero there! Anyone out there have any suggestions?

December 02, 2012


Up and Running

We're finally up and running. Please enjoy the first iteration of our website and our cuff links if you decide to order a pair! If you have any issues with the site or the cufflinks please do not hesitate to let us know. It is important that we solve any issues as soon as possible. There will be more content and products to come soon. Until then take care!  -Madeleine and Ted